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A senior Christian Democratic Union politician stabbed Laschet in the back: “Popularity matters

A senior Christian Democratic Union politician stabbed Laschet in the back: “Popularity matters

Member of the Presidium of the Christian Democratic Union Hasilov is the first Prime Minister of his party to express himself in this direction.

“It’s not about sympathy.”

It’s not about personal sympathy, confidence or personality traits, so Hasilov is in SPIEGEL’s advance notice. But “it does not help, according to the general belief, that a person is fully capable of being an advisor, but he does not occupy this position because the voters will not allow him.”

Tipping the scales

At the same time, he stressed the importance of the Chancellor’s candidate for the upcoming elections in his mandate. “In our last state elections, I experimented that with direct mandates, fractions of percentages can sometimes determine political existence,” said the Christian Democrat. With all the efforts being made in the country, the federal approach can tip the scales. “You can be in good shape with your head held high and your flag waving, but you still end up at the opponent.”

“We have to vote”

In the CDU, there is also a growing call for a decision on the candidate for the position of chancellor in the parliamentary group if necessary. “If Armin Laschet and Marcus Söder do not agree to run for the chancellor by the end of the week, we will have to vote for him at the parliamentary group meeting on Tuesday,” demands Christoph Bloss, head of the Christian Democratic Union in Hamburg. The parliamentary group is the “only joint body between the Christian Democratic Union and the Christian Social Union”.
“There is a clear division of roles between the parliamentary group and the parties,” Krings said. “Preparing the candidate and formulating the electoral program is a matter that clearly concerns the parties, not the parliamentary group,” he added.

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