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Iran prepares to enrich uranium controversial «

Iran prepares to enrich uranium controversial «

Iran is about to significantly increase its nuclear activities. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) in Vienna said after inspecting Iran’s nuclear facility in Natanz on Wednesday that preparations for the production of highly enriched uranium were nearing completion. A new round of talks to save the international nuclear deal from 2015 is slated to begin Thursday in Vienna.

6:56 AM April 15, 2021


A spokesman for the International Atomic Energy Agency said that after a few final steps, the actual 60 percent enrichment would soon be planned. Germany, France and the United Kingdom previously warned that this could conflict with negotiations to bail out the 2015 nuclear deal.

“This is Serious developmentThe foreign ministries of the three European countries announced, on Wednesday, that the production of highly enriched uranium is an important step towards the production of a nuclear weapon.

On Thursday, diplomats from these three countries as well as from the United States, Russia, China and Iran are scheduled to speak directly or indirectly with each other in Vienna. To restore the agreement, Washington will have to lift the sanctionsWhile Iran will be forced to reduce its nuclear program.

The international nuclear deal concluded in 2015 allows Iran only toUranium enrichment 3.67% For civil use of atomic energy. But in January, Iran had already begun to increase uranium enrichment to 20 percent. The threshold for enriching uranium for the military use of nuclear energy is 90 percent.

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At the facility in central Iran, there was one on Sunday – just hours after running new centrifuges banned under the nuclear deal. accident Given. The Iranian authorities spoke of a “terrorist act”, for which Israel held responsibility. Tehran announced “in retaliation” that it would enrich uranium to 60 percent starting next week.