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A setback for Milley in Argentina: The House of Representatives dismantles the reform package

A setback for Milley in Argentina: The House of Representatives dismantles the reform package

MJavier Miley stayed at the Western Wall in Jerusalem for a few minutes on Tuesday. Then he burst into tears. The Argentine President is currently making his first state visit to Israel and met with President Isaac Herzog and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. In recent years, Miley has become closer to Judaism, which he also wants to convert to.

Argentina is home to the largest Jewish community in Latin America. Miley wants to show his solidarity with the State of Israel by moving the Argentine embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Evidence of procedural errors

Where his tears came from on Tuesday remains a Miley secret. What is certain is that the situation in Argentina also provides good reasons to complain and cry. Miley has had a severe setback there in the past few days. His comprehensive reform package, which aims to create conditions for the privatization of state enterprises, change hundreds of regulations and measures to reduce government subsidies, has been so completely dismembered in the House of Representatives that it is now being returned to the committee. Hence back to square one.

Milley, whose liberal coalition holds only 38 seats out of 257 seats in the House of Representatives, relies on the support of the bourgeois bloc. The government was prepared to make far-reaching concessions before and during the debate in the House of Commons. For example, the central chapter on fiscal policy was deleted from the law so that it could be dealt with individually at a later date.

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In the end, approximately half of the material from the original draft remained. A majority of MPs then approved the comprehensive draft, which Miley and his government celebrated as a success. But in subsequent votes on individual articles, it became clear that MPs had not yet finished trimming the package – and now it goes back to committee.

There are many indications that the return took place only because of a procedural error committed by Maili's inexperienced representatives in Parliament. However, Miley claims that he personally initiated the move. At the same time, he accused opposition lawmakers of treason for opposing reforms he deems necessary to lift Argentina out of its worst economic crisis in decades and curb inflation from more than 200 percent.