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A special American mission to the moon is threatened with failure

A special American mission to the moon is threatened with failure

This should have been a prelude to the United States' return to the Moon. But a few hours after the successful launch of the rocket, the mission of the American company Astrobotic became threatened with failure.

Astrobotics' “Peregrine” lunar module was launched this morning from Cape Canaveral Spaceport aboard a Vulcan Centaur rocket from manufacturer ULA. In the early afternoon, Astrobotic reported that although the lander module had successfully separated from the rocket, there was a problem with the propulsion system.

Astrobotic wrote on Twitter: “Unfortunately, a glitch has occurred that prevents Peregrine from assuming a stable position facing the sun.” The company later announced that while the solar panels were successfully pointed toward the sun, the spacecraft was losing fuel.

“Alternate application profiles”

“We are currently studying possible alternative uses,” the company continued. The focus now is on collecting as much scientific data as possible. The statements indicate that a successful landing on the moon's surface appears increasingly unlikely.

If the mission had gone according to plan, the lunar module would have touched down on Earth's satellite in late February in an area called Sinus Viscositatis (Gulf of Adhesion).

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