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A strong storm pushes the Baltic Sea over its banks: already dead

A strong storm pushes the Baltic Sea over its banks: already dead

In the first great storm of autumn Baltic Sea Amazing and Dangerous scene. The east wind blows the water along Hurricane blows It thundered on beaches and cliffs, in bays and straits and flooded harbors and streets. Branches fall on cars and tracks, causing closures and disruption.

The Federal Maritime and Hydrographic Agency (BSH) predicted the peak of the storm Friday evening. The water in Flensburg has reached a level of more than Two meters above normal, as shown on the Storm Surge Information Map from the Ministry of the Environment of Schleswig-Holstein. This is the highest water level in Flensburg in more than 100 years.

In Eckernförde the water level was 1.91 m and in Neustadt it was 1.74 m compared to the average water level. According to the German Weather Service (DWD) The storm should slowly subside during the night.

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Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein Daniel Gunther He thanked all the helpers: “This is a difficult situation, and I am very grateful to all the helpers who are currently on duty,” the CDU politician said. “Police, firefighters, THW and State Bureau of Coastal Protection staff are committed to keeping the situation under control, and they are succeeding.” The Interior Ministry’s disaster control team has begun work in Kiel.

Several of them were found near Heringsdorf in the Ostolstein district Camps The holiday home complex was evacuated because flood waters nearly reached the top of the dam. This is what the camp owner said German News Agency On Friday night. But the dam is still standing. According to the Interior Ministry, dams were also damaged in the Rendsburg-Eckernfürde region and in the Schleswig region. Emergency services carry out security work in endangered sections.

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Flooded camps near Heringsdorf in the Ostolstein district

© Photo: APA/dpa/Frank Molter

The fire brigade already arrived in the afternoon from the area 110 missions It is spoken in the districts of Rendsburg-Eckernförde and Plön as well as in Kiel. In addition to the 36-mission city of Kiel, there were contact points in the Schle area, in Eckernförde and Damp, where the rehabilitation clinic was secured against rising water with sandbags.

Several streets were closed in the state capital. In Flensburg, the port streets were flooded. For safety reasons, municipal utilities cut off electricity to the affected area. In the Schleswig-Flensburg region, tens of thousands of sandbags were distributed to the affected authorities and communities.

Many roads were closed

Police asked road users to avoid the areas around the Flensburg Fjord, the northern and southern ports of Kappeln and the areas adjacent to the Schlei River in Schleswig. There were many people in the area due to flooding Roads are closed. The owner of a hotel affected by the floods. “It doesn’t look good,” said an employee of the Hotel Haven Flensburg. “We have barriers in front of them and we haven’t crossed them yet.” However, there is water in the hotel because it is an old building and water is finding its way through the corners. The guests are no longer there. The furniture and anything that could He gets hurt.

© Photo: APA/dpa/Frank Molter

On the island of Schleswig-Holstein in the Baltic Sea Fehmarn The falling tree even killed someone in the car. A police spokesman said that the incident occurred in the Ostolstein area on Friday afternoon. Details about the identity of the victim were not immediately available.