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Good sleep reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes

Good sleep reduces the risk of heart attacks and strokes

According to a study conducted by the Swiss Cantonal Hospital in Lausanne, people who get optimal sleep have a 63% lower risk of developing cardiovascular diseases compared to people who suffer from sleep disorders.

For their study, the scientists monitored more than 15,000 people from France and Switzerland for up to ten years. At the beginning of the study and after two to five years, they calculated a so-called healthy sleep score for all study participants, which combines five sleep behaviors.

The full score of five points was given to those who slept seven to eight hours per night, never or rarely suffered from insomnia and did not suffer from sleep apnea or excessive daytime fatigue. The incidence of heart attacks and strokes was then monitored for eight to ten years.

Take good care of your sleep

Compared with people who had a “healthy sleep score” of zero or one, that is, very poor sleep, people who scored two, three, four, or five points scored 10 (two points), 19 (three points), and 38 (four points). points). 1 point) and 63 (five points) lower risk of cardiovascular disease, which includes strokes and heart attacks. The results were published yesterday in the specialized journal “European Heart Journal”. “These results encourage us to take care of our sleep, just as we take care of our bodies,” the CHUV website quoted study author Pedro Márquez Vidal as saying. “Short sleep is often associated with high productivity, however a person who sleeps well will reduce stress and reduce cardiovascular risk factors.”


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