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A surprising twist: Wolf makes improvements to MAN Steyr

A surprising twist: Wolf makes improvements to MAN Steyr

The struggle for the future of the Man site is threatened with closure Steyr It led to another shift on Friday. Investor Siegfried Wolf, who voted two-thirds of the workforce takeover against him at the start of April, wants to improve his bid. It was reported from MAN Munich headquarters that there are currently no negotiations with the former head of Magna. However: the exclusive right to negotiate over the former Magna chief remains in effect.

On Friday evening’s ZiB2, Wolf confirmed he wanted to try again. It sets a model for partial retirement so that “none of the seniors will have to join AMS,” will train an additional 166 trainees and there will be a work basis for an additional 150 employees. Of the 2,300 employees currently, approximately 1,570 jobs can be created this way. Wolf, who in his words now stands behind him also the state and Raiffeisen of Upper Austria, generously calculates: “Three-quarters of now have a future job and a quarter of them will have a safety net second to none.” Wolf appears to mean the social plan.

It is currently uncertain whether the workforce will vote again on the plan, which has now been improved. And also whether the man will sit at the negotiating table again.

During the day, only MAN Munich recorded that Wolf “was the only party interested in introducing an industrially logical and well-established concept of site reuse.” However, rework must be discussed with the employees. “We’re looking at how we can keep as many jobs as possible,” Wolf said. Now he wants to have one-on-one discussions with each employee.

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The Labor Council Helmut Emler knew nothing of the fact that Wolff had apparently returned to the race. A staff representative in turn said that management is in Steyr In negotiations on the social plan with the Labor Council and union representatives on Wednesday they agreed that the concepts could be reused with the participation of employees. Imler, former SPÖ minister and current head of the social policy division of PRO-GE production consortium, Alois Stoger, who also sits at the MAN negotiation table, said he was tasked with sifting through the parties involved.

Stogger assured that quite a few people have contacted him in the meantime – some have fewer, others have more elaborate ideas. “In principle, we are of course still open to discussions about the possibility of re-use of the plant with third parties,” Munich stressed. However: “The time window is closed for that, and we continue to consistently implement the site closure as the only tangible option at the present time.”

On Friday afternoon, the Green Mobility Consortium around Linz entrepreneur Karl Egger (KeKelit) got off the cover. Its spokesperson Gerald Gunzger announced that “the consortium has entered into a non-disclosure agreement and a confidentiality agreement – with MAN Munich to start further discussions.” Working with Consul Deloitte of Vienna on the final formulation of a concept. He should be sent to Munich “after the expiry of the exclusivity period”. “We are very interested in the constructive and confidential discussions that have started with MAN in order to ensure the participation of the workforce Steyr And to achieve a better result than before for all stakeholders. “

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