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A to Z with Kevin Cole

A to Z with Kevin Cole

On the way with the musician and his friends to the Vienna studio, where his new song “PAIN” was composed.

Written by Susi Ondrushová

Of course we excel. With minor cloth exceptions, we all wear black. Kevin Cole and his friends, almost all of whom have the same hair gel and curling routine, are waiting for me on the belt on the library steps. We want to talk about his new song “PAIN” and they invited FM4 to their home studio at 1070, where the song was created.

FM4 radio

Kevin Cole and Friends: Producer Chametto, Julian, Connie, Nora and Tosca Schwarzwegel, who designed the artwork for Kevin Cole's tracks

We can conduct the interview in Bulgarian, Turkish or German. “Gley samma do,” Kevin Cole grew up speaking three languages. He actually thought he would follow in his father's footsteps and become a dancer; It was clear that he was going to do “something” artistic and not end up in an office as an office worker. Growing up in Salzburg, he met musicians such as Bebeza, Aron and his producer Chametto in Vienna. “Kevin motivates me to give 100% every day, to work 100% and also to relax and enjoy life 100%!” “First of all, a few words of praise, right?” says Chamitou of his friend Kevin.

The condominium at 1070, where Chamito lives and works, is a beautiful old building in which noise is of course a problem, but that's another chapter. We turn the volume up and listen to the new song “PAIN”.

When Kevin Cole talks about his music, he starts his sentence with a lyrical line “The sun is shining! I'm in a good mood again!” in “Outside” For example, or “I feel pain in my veins” hurt”.

Feelings are very important to Kevin.
“What that actually means is when you have something that you've been carrying with you for a long time and then maybe you feel physical pain, or something inside you is there all the time. Or maybe you stay awake for a longer period of time and then you feel take the pain with you, and so I would say “PAIN” is an honest song. Sometimes it takes honesty. I felt sad, not so sad, because I also had a smile on my face at the same time. I always tried to reveal what I was feeling authentically but positive!”

Kevin Cole is not a hermit working on something alone. His friends are support, joy and also a kind of key to success. “If I'm on the road, I'm successful!”Kevin Cole says when asked what defines success for him. “A good friend of mine, Franz (aka Bebeza), has won two Amadeus Awards. I think you can only be very happy when you realize that success is on the way. So if you do it! For me, that is success. The fact that I'm allowed to do all of this now and that I'm personally true to my music means I'm successful!

Whether we won't meet sometime in the Wiener Stadthalle instead of the library stairs, who knows! Until then: just do it. Just feel. Simply He hears. And of course look too. With the video for Kevin Cole's song “TECH22” Director Noah Rosa was nominated for the Austrian Music Video Award Vienna shorts nominated.

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