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The festival weeks begin in the “Free Republic of Vienna”

The festival weeks begin in the “Free Republic of Vienna”


With the opening of the day, the Vienna Festival Weeks declares the “Free Republic of Vienna”. It was previously said that the kick-off at Rathausplatz should not be traditional. The program includes Pussy Riot, Elfried Jelinek and Bipolar Feminin.

Director Milo Rau promised on Wednesday that “a mixture succeeded in making the place explode despite the announced rain.” The opening aims to declare the “Free Republic of Vienna.” Musical responsibility for the opening falls to Herwig Zamernick aka Fuzzman. Musicians Queen of Power, Gustav and Voodoo Jürgens will appear, as well as members of the “Council of the Republic” such as activist Carola Rackete, author Kim de Lorizon and writer Sybille Berg.

The program is “not mainstream”

“Since I'm not up to the mainstream, I'm glad the festival dares to present a non-mainstream music program at the opening,” Zamernik said. The declared “Free Republic of Vienna” also includes flags designed by students for the festival weeks and colors such as green (“environmental”), red (“filled with love, socialist”) or pink (“for gender equality movements”) include.

The public is invited to raise their voices – everyone is invited to sing along with the national anthem on Friday. By the way, this is also possible while drying in front of the TV: ORF 2 and 3sat will broadcast the opening live from 9:20 pm and will accompany the program in various programs in the coming weeks.

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