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A young holidaymaker is still missing on Tenerife – a friend shares harrowing details from a phone call

A young holidaymaker is still missing on Tenerife – a friend shares harrowing details from a phone call

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The search for 19-year-old Jay Slater, who went missing in Tenerife, is over. A friend shared another fact about a recent phone conversation.

TENERIFE – There are still no new leads in the case of missing 19-year-old Jay Slater. The young holidaymaker has been missing since mid-June. He gave his last sign of life on his way from a music festival to his accommodation. A friend of the missing man reported hearing the 19-year-old slip on the ground during a phone call. Meanwhile, Spanish authorities announced that they had ended the search for the Englishman.

Missing Jay Slater (19): Friend shares more details – Search ends

The last time his friends contacted Jay Slater was when he returned to his accommodation alone on June 17. He is said to have missed his bus and intended to reach the residence, which was an eleven-hour walk away. But the 19-year-old, who reported by phone that he had almost nothing to drink and only had 1% battery left, never got there.

The search for Jay Slater (19 years old) who went missing in Tenerife has ended. However, the investigation is still ongoing. © Screenshot Facebook/xEuropaxPress/ABACAx/Imago

Friend shares further details of his last phone call with Jay Slater: 'It went off the rails'

On the station's “This Morning” program ITV A friend of his reported a phone conversation between him and Jay Slater shortly before contact was lost. “He was on the phone as he was walking down a street and he went down a little bit — not a big drop, just a very small drop, and he came down and said, 'I'll call you back,'” his friend Brad said on the show. “I'll call you back, because I think someone else… call him”. ITV Reported on June 29.

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The friend mentioned that he could hear Jay's feet sliding on the rocks. “That's how I knew he was off the road,” he said. He explained that he was hearing sounds that sounded like someone walking on pebbles or stones.

Police end search for missing Jay Slater – investigations continue

A massive search over nearly two weeks initially yielded no success. No clues as to his whereabouts were found. However, it is possible Search team helps missing traveler. The Tenerife Civil Guard said on Sunday (June 30). BBCThat the search for Jay Slater has stopped: “The search is over. Yesterday was the last day of the search.” A spokeswoman for the Guardia Civil confirmed to Reuters that the search for Jay Slater was no longer “active.” However, the case remains open and there are several lines of investigation.

However, the family and other helpers are still on the island and continuing their search. The mother of the friend who heard the 19-year-old running on the gravel is also supporting the family in the search. BBC She said the family wanted to speak to Spanish authorities on Monday (July 1) to find out more about the status of the investigation.

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