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US Supreme Court Protects Donald Trump

US Supreme Court Protects Donald Trump

'Too close to the election'

federal judge Tanya Chutkan He will be ready to go in March. After the intervention of the Supreme Court, which Trump has asked for help more than any other statesman, it was forced last year to put the proceedings on hold. If the case is returned to it, as it has now happened, Chutkan has promised Trump’s lawyers 90 days to prepare. “This is likely to be a very tough thing to do before the election,” analysts said on American television.

Special counsel Jack Smith, appointed by the Justice Department, detailed Trump's charges of conspiracy and attempted election fraud in an indictment confirmed by a grand jury nearly a year ago.

Trump falsely claimed that there was electoral fraud by Democrats in 2020 in his favor. Finally, on January 6, 2021, Trump incited his supporters to storm the Capitol in Washington with an inflammatory speech.


To this day, Trump and his lawyers deny all of these accusations. Because the US Constitution does not provide for criminal immunity for the president, and because no commander-in-chief before Trump had been tried in a criminal court, the current decision represents a historical precedent.

Many, including conservative legal scholars, accuse the Supreme Court of deliberately delaying a decision on Trump for months in order to close the window for a trial to begin before the November election. The nation’s highest dispute resolution body has held a solid, conservative 6-3 majority as a result of Trump’s three nominations during his term from 2017 to 2021.

The Supreme Court's decision, which was met with criticism from Democrats and approval from Republicans, means that the American people are deprived of the opportunity to know before the November elections whether the Republican presidential candidate will be convicted by a jury of the people because, according to the indictment, he was said to have erred against the principles of American democracy. .

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