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Abortion in America: The legal battle has just begun

Abortion in America: The legal battle has just begun

On top of that. Because conservative states don’t just enforce the ban in their region, they want to prevent their citizens from traveling to other states to obtain abortions or to send abortion pills through the mail from these states.

Aid is prohibited

Prosecuting a citizen for traveling to another US state is a violation of the US Constitution. However, conservative judges in Texas at least try to try those who help travelers in any way, or take orders in the mail. Abortion advocates, on the other hand, were able to re-legalize it in the short term.

As the lawyers point out, this is an absolutely messy legal battle on many fronts. “What we have now is a legal landscape full of chaos, confusion and uncertainty,” one expert told the Washington Post. “Patients don’t know what their rights are. This climate of fear and confusion has the same effect as the abortion ban.

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