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Fiat Chrysler: $300 million fine for emissions cheating in US

Fiat Chrysler: $300 million fine for emissions cheating in US

Carmaker Fiat Chrysler’s emissions scandal in the US has become costly again. The company was fined about 300 million dollars (about 290 million euros) yesterday (local time) in federal court in Detroit for falsifying emissions data.

The manufacturer, now part of international car group Stellandis, pleaded guilty in June and agreed to a settlement with the US Department of Justice. That amount was announced by Fiat Chrysler at the time. The agreement has now been approved by the court.

A three-year ban was imposed

US authorities accused the carmaker of making false statements about the emissions of a good 100,000 diesel vehicles. In 2017, the Department of Justice filed a charge sheet. The company initially consistently denied the allegations and drew parallels with Volkswagen’s “Dieselgate” scandal.

But as early as 2019, Fiat paid Chrysler hundreds of millions of dollars in US civil lawsuits. The compromise that has now been reached is intended to resolve the criminal proceedings. Along with the fine, the court also imposed three years of probation on the company.

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