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Abortions in America: The road to the next clinic continues

Abortions in America: The road to the next clinic continues

A month after the Supreme Court’s historic ruling, abortion is already illegal in 17 US states. And soon the reference will be over.

In the middle of the country, new dividing lines have suddenly appeared between countries where women can still have abortions and others. Roughly between Kansas and Oklahoma in the heart of the United States.

Activist Anna Ards runs a hotline in Oklahoma to help women with unexpected pregnancies.

“The main thing we advise them to do is to get medical abortion pills by mail, it’s still federal, the states can’t interfere, so you can mail it to you. We also send women to some clinics in Wichita.”

In Kansas, “closest abortion provider to approximately 7.7 million women”

With each state that implements the ban, the distance to the nearest clinic increases. In the neighboring state of Kansas, abortion is still possible. In early August, a referendum on the issue of abortion will be held – and it will decide whether Kansas is one of the few places in the middle of the restricted Southeastern United States where patients come into contact.

“In Kansas, we’re now an abortion provider for about 7.7 million women. It’s a crazy number,” says Zach Gingrich-Gaillard of Trust Women’s Wichita Abortion Clinic.

It’s depressing to know that you can help people and are no longer allowed. We have all the skills, all the tools, all the knowledge. It would be a disaster if you couldn’t provide that help. If it says that it is forbidden.”

“All we do is help”

Anna Aards, an activist in Oklahoma, moves to the edge of the law and even beyond. “Anyone who takes you to a clinic, helps pay for it or makes an appointment, that’s what we’re providing, it’s a crime. What we’re doing is aiding and abetting, and we can be prosecuted for that.”

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Anna has been told to stop supporting her but has no intention of doing so for now.