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“About this hack” in version 2.0: Mac system information collected ›

“About this hack” in version 2.0: Mac system information collected ›

The free Mac app “About This Hack” was released in version 2.0 over the weekend – You can access it hereIf you don't know about this hack yet, let's take a quick look: The open-source app offers an easy-to-use solution to view hardware information on your Mac.

The app is based on Apple's popular design of the classic “About this Mac” display, which has been accessible via the Apple menu for several years, but is no longer available under macOS Sonoma.

The About This Hack section is aimed at both Mac users and Hackintosh fans and provides both groups of users with centralized system information that quickly provides information on the most essential data about your setup.


The application consists of four areas:

  • summary: Basically a version of the classic About This Mac view used before macOS Ventura. Here, users have instant access to essential system data such as the type of computer being used, the operating system version, and details about the installed processor. Hackintosh users should also be able to view the version of the Clover or OpenCore bootloader being used. If you let the mouse cursor hover over individual entries for a longer period of time, you will receive additional information in separate pop-up windows.
  • Displays: The application here makes it possible to visualize up to three connected screens including the resolution of these screens.
  • storage: The storage area displays the properties of the boot drive. What the disk is called, how much storage space is still available, and what type of drive it is.
  • Supports: Maintains a list of support resources for Mac and Hackintosh users.
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After installing the application, you must First release of the book “About This Breakthrough” It can be done by right clicking. The completely free app can be used from macOS 10.12 Sierra.