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Team Fortress 2: Valve bans aimbots and shows no mercy

Team Fortress 2: Valve bans aimbots and shows no mercy

You don't hear much about Team Fortress 2. Sure, the title is almost 17 years old, but it's still very popular. So that players can continue to enjoy their matches in the future, Valve is now bringing down the ban hammer and crushing every account, no matter how small, that uses an aimbot.

On the trail of aimbots

Players have been annoyed by the presence of so many aimbots in Team Fortress 2 for a long time. Now it looks like Valve is finally stepping in. Quietly and without a single official word from Valve, more and more player accounts using aimbot are disappearing.

“The strongest evidence we have of a major ban wave is the Steam charts, but the maintenance period may have taken them offline temporarily,” says Discord user Megascatterbomb.

Meanwhile, players are noticing improvement and enjoying fun casual matches. Even newly created bot accounts are quickly deleted. It looks like. Valve itself is responsible for the ban, not the anti-cheat system.

In some cases, messages must be written directly to the bot account hosts. It allegedly says the following: “Our team has determined that your Team Fortress 2 accounts are significantly disabled. Accounts intended for TF2 disablement have been disabled, and accounts used for other purposes have been suspended or blocked.”

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The number of players is currently growing again and reaches 145,000 concurrent active users. When was the last time you played Team Fortress 2?