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Absorption of Ukrainian refugees: register faster and distribute better

Absorption of Ukrainian refugees: register faster and distribute better

Status: 03/17/2022 1:47 PM

Today, prime ministers are discussing housing Ukrainian refugees. According to the new draft resolution, they should be registered more quickly. The working group has to determine how much money the federal government will provide.

The federal and state governments want to speed up the registration of people who have fled Ukraine. This came from the new draft resolution of the consultations between Chancellor Olaf Scholz and the sixteen prime ministers in the afternoon. ARD Capital Studio Present. The ten-page draft reads: “The Federal Chancellor and Heads of State and Federal Government consider it essential to register those who arrive quickly and easily.”

The federal and state governments ensure that those who remain in Germany are registered in the Central Aliens Register. The federal government supports this “in terms of people and materials,” in particular by providing infrastructure for allocation. In addition, the federal government should promote close consultation with European partners.

1000 Euro per person per month

The federal government is committed to its fiscal responsibility, but it does not yet want to guarantee states and municipalities a specific amount of support. Instead, the draft now states that a working group must be established to present findings by April 7th at the latest.

The German Association of Cities and Municipalities predicts the cost of receiving billions of people from Ukraine. “About 1,000 euros per person and a month should be allocated for housing and integration,” Gerd Landsberg, chief executive of the City Association, told Bild newspaper. Municipalities “face huge challenges in terms of housing and care.” ‘Billions in spending’ should be ‘taken over by the federal and state governments’.

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Online portal for refugees

The Federal Ministry of the Interior wants to improve assistance to refugees from Ukraine with a new online portal. Location It should be “a trustworthy and secure digital point of contact with the most important first information after their arrival in Germany,” the ministry said at the start of the portal.

Information is available in Ukrainian, Russian, English and German languages. Among other things, you can find information about accommodation, medical care, work permits, the right to reside, go to school and studies, as well as many other answers to frequently asked questions from refugees.

“Limited Controls”

According to the draft resolution, the refugees should be distributed evenly across the federal states. At the same time, the problems are noted “because refugees are initially free to choose their place of residence before submitting an application for protection, so initially there are only limited control options.”

Large cities are particularly affected

To date, about 175,000 people from Ukraine have been registered in Germany, but the actual number is likely to be much higher. Big cities like Berlin are especially burdened when it comes to taking care of refugees.

Berlin Mayor Franziska Jaffe told newspapers Funke Media Group with the view of the Federal State Meeting.