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Accept your shadow to overcome insecurity

Accept your shadow to overcome insecurity

We all have dark sides that we need to accept in order to better deal with uncertainty.

Accept your shadow to overcome insecurities

Last updated: January 21, 2023

Do you feel that something is wrong? Do you feel blocked? Are you trapped by your fears? We all hide deep in our insecurities, fears, or trauma. Carl Jung wrote it in 1959 No one can see his shadow without great psychological effort. When we become aware of these dark, uncomfortable aspects of our psyche, we can better accept the uncertain present and feel freer and more fulfilled.

This journey into our innermost self can be beneficial and healing. It is true that for original form Of the shade there is no empirical evidence. It is not a scientifically validated source. However, this does not diminish its value. The shadow is an interesting metaphor for those personal areas that we must pay attention to in order to heal.

We all have shadow areas and it’s not easy to accept them. However, it does allow us to create space to address realities we have long neglected.

Shadow work is the path of a heart warrior.

Carl G Jung

Accepting our shadow is a strategy that makes us feel more complete and confident in dealing with difficulties.

This is how you can accept your shadow to face difficulties

Carl G. Jung developed the idea of ​​a “dark side” for humans. The shadow is an archetype, that is, an ancient image of the unconscious, They contain many repressed processes and facts. It is about the elements that we hide under the pressure of society and about experiences or emotions that we do not know what to do with.

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In that deep space, where the light does not reach, there are useless beliefs, fears, jealousy, anger, shame, feelings of failure, negativity, trauma, or disturbances like these. depression. Revealing and illuminating these areas is a responsible task. After that, you will feel better and able to deal with the uncertain present.

Carl G. Young distanced himself from his role model Sigmund Freud He developed his theoretical school with analytical psychology.

1. Develop your confidence

Anthropologist and British academic Caroline Humphrey points out one thing Research paper Point out that current spiritual approaches speak almost exclusively of enlightenment—the innate need to find our inner light. But no one can grow without working on their dark side.

Transpersonal psychology addresses this need. If you want to accept your shadow, you must awaken your self-confidence. This means that you have to get in touch with who you are, with what you feel, with every thought that comes into your mind, with every sensation and perception.

Being self-aware means having the ability to look into the mirror of our inner selves to see what is going on. This is the only way we can Self-knowledge Achievement to meet the challenges of life.

2. Label your emotions

Embracing your shadow means getting in touch with what is below the surface and yet completely defines how you feel, what you do, and what you decide. It is important to communicate with basic feelings Which dominate a psychological substrate that causes you sadness and prevents your freedom and well-being.

As Carl G. Jung said, you cannot reach consciousness without pain, and that means you need to bring light to your feelings. The following strategy will help you:

  • Ask yourself how you are feeling in the moment and let your feelings surface without judgment. Give them space.
  • Label each emotion, label it to make it visible.
  • They are hidden cases that need an answer. What can you do to relieve this frustration? What do you have to change in order not to be sad Despair Or feel more angry? think about it.
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The moment you take control of your emotional world, the world will seem less chaotic and unpredictable. You will be more confident in the face of uncertainty.

“The scariest thing is accepting yourself completely.”

Carl G Jung

3. Discover your hidden potential and talents

Analytical Psychology by Carl G. Jung highlighted an interesting concept to remember: exclusivity. It is a process that favors the awakening of our individual consciousness and freedom from fear and resistance. Of course, this task involves accepting your shadow and working on your dark parts to become a complete and complete human being.

How can you achieve this? In addition to the keys described here, there is one more important component. Everyone has their own talentRH and its potential fate Determination. In fact, Jung asserted that every human being is unique and has a unique destiny. Let’s feel free to explore what we’re good at, what we’re passionate about and what makes us who we are.

The moment we find passion and purpose, the future opens with renewed hope. There is no place for uncertainty in such a fixed and defined space.

When we integrate our shadow into our conscious universe and work on it, we can achieve well-being.

4. Understanding the natural law of life

Writer and anthropologist Joseph Campbell pointed out that the treasures of life are found in the abyss. When you settle in your shadow and descend into this deep space, You will find your strength. You will reach them by healing the wounds that still hurt you.

It is important that we do that too The law of existence understand yourself. It is true that we are currently grappling with a complex present and an unpredictable future. However, the evolution of existence has never been a straight line. Just as there are times of calm, there are also times of turmoil.

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As the Lebanese researcher Nassim Taleb says, the black swan is those unexpected events that will determine the future of people, and we must be warned about them. that Noor It cannot exist without darkness, we have to accept that.

Working with shadows liberates us

Each of us deals with inner “monsters” that hold us down and limit us. The journey to “hell,” or the more painful and complex regions of our inner selves, is no easy task. if If you feel that this task is difficult, do not hesitate to seek professional help.

The concept of shadow is nothing more than a metaphor for all the psychological processes that prevent us from feeling whole and fulfilled. Working on it also means mental health.

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