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Especially visible tonight

Especially visible tonight

It was only in March last year that scientists from Palomar Observatory In California, the glowing green piece of ice that will be on our land in the coming weeks flew by will. that C/2022 E3 (ZTF) It cannot be observed and documented in advance, it has a very simple reason: it takes too long for it to sun flew once. The last time I saw a piece of ice through a telescope They would have noticed, there wasn’t even that human civilization.

Now the comet is getting very close to us. on tour 42 million km Approaching the blue planet – that’s about 109 times so far He went like the moon. similar one rock bottom been for a while 50,000 years ago calculated. At that time they should Neanderthals He stared up at the sky in bewilderment as C/2022 E3 (ZTF) appeared in the sky. Although the comet should certainly be a feast for the eyes, as it glows a striking green, Like the NASA mentioned.

A green comet will approach Earth in early February 2023 – a sight in the morning sky is possible

the Green bills It comes from a molecule called decarbon. This emits a green light because it degrades in sunlight. But it is only in the so-called coma Observed – i.e. the haze that immediately surrounds the comet. the Tail From C/2022 E3 (ZTF) itself is white.

42 million km in cosmic standards Just a stone’s throw away, which is why the snowball is also close with the naked eye It will be visible in the night sky. At least that’s what it’s about NASA from when in fact Unpredictable block Continue “brightness trend”. On January 31st It should then reach its maximum brightness.

This is good, because at about the same time the “green comet” also reaches the point closest to Earth: February 1, 2023. But the best time to watch it is probably now Jan 21 or the 20. Feb Being. Then he new Moon and the night sky Especially dark.

When the green comet can be seen well

“I needed one Completely dark sky Out of town,” advised Urania Planetarium Director Simon Plait aloud rbb. Otherwise, the light of the moon will be disturbed, and thus the new moon is appropriate second half of the night Best for catching comets. If you are not an expert in observing celestial bodies, you should also use Telescope or binoculars Take help. Also the European Space Agency ESA Presumably “modest instruments” would be needed to see the comet. Because despite its special color and proximity to Earth, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) cannot compare to bright comets like Neowise in 2020.

The culprit will be among January 20 and 22 It is much easier to find the inexperienced. For then he will stand “in a beautiful sky, Between the Big Dipper and the North StarPlus, C/2022 E3 (ZTF) is so high in the sky that it no longer decreases. So that we can see it in the sky all night long – provided we find it. This is still possible until around mid-February. Until then, the “green comet” is moving through a prominent star formation: Ben 10 and 12 February wander through it constellation Taurusvery close to Mars During.

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