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Accession negotiations with Ukraine have officially begun

Accession negotiations with Ukraine have officially begun

The European Union has begun accession negotiations with Ukraine. Representatives of the country attacked by Russia and the European Union met today in Luxembourg for the first “intergovernmental conference”. Travelers from Moldova will follow later in the evening.

Belgian Foreign Minister Hajja Habib said on behalf of the European Union at the beginning of the talks, “This is a historic moment for all of us and a milestone in our relationship.” The enlargement process is a geopolitical investment in peace, security, stability and prosperity.

Ukrainian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Stefanishyna also spoke of a “historic moment.” The move gives the Ukrainian people “moral strength” to continue resisting.

Ukraine is confident of joining by 2030

There will probably be no negotiations in the actual sense at the moment. Indeed, the negotiating framework agreed upon by the European Union countries last week must be presented to the candidates for accession.

However, Stefanishina expressed confidence to media representatives that the first negotiations on specific thematic areas could begin as early as 2025 and that accession would be possible by 2030.

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