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Frankfurt (dpa-AFX) – Confectionery manufacturer Ferrero has now expanded its product recall for some Christmas items due to a possible connection to salmonella cases. This includes special surprise eggs and advent calendars, each with a better date before April 20, 2022, as evidenced by an overview published on Thursday on the portal Only Bavaria, Berlin, Hesse, Lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein are affected by the recall extension, according to the portal operated by the Federal Office for Consumer Protection and Food Safety and the federal states.

According to Ferrero, select groups of “kids” products made in Belgium will be affected by the recall. It relates to “the possibility of contact with a number of reported cases of salmonella”. Although none of its “kids” products have tested positive for salmonella, Ferrero takes it seriously, “because consumer protection is our top priority.”

Ferrero had previously recalled a number of “baby” products, including several Easter products. In addition to Germany, many other countries are affected by the recall, even Australia.

In Europe, the European Union Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and the European Union Health Authority (ECDC) have started investigations. Authorities reported 105 confirmed cases of salmonella and 29 suspected cases on Wednesday, mostly in children under the age of 10. Some chocolate products have been identified as a potential route of infection. / kie/DP/zb

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