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Adressleiste in Safari: In iOS 15 bald wieder oben?

Address bar in Safari: Will it work again soon in iOS 15?

An apple Has the latest beta 6 version of iOS 15 interesting innovations were implemented: if desired, the address bar in Safari can be returned to the top. The title line, moved to the bottom of the screen, has caused massive criticism of Apple’s new major update, and it looks like Cupertino has taken it seriously.

Apple did tonight iOS 15 and iPadOS 15 Beta 6 For registered developers and with this new beta version, an interesting innovation has found its way into iOS 15: the address bar in Safari changes its position again if desired, pointed Apple in the new 6 beta notes. With the introduction of iOS 15 and iPadOS 15, the design of Safari has fundamentally changed. Slide the title bar from the top of the screen to the bottom. Not all users agree with this.

The new position of the title bar caused a lot of resentment among many volunteer developers and testers. Apple has revised the implementation of the title bar at the bottom of the screen in other betas so that it always stays at the bottom in all situations.

Will Apple succumb to user criticism?

Also in Safari Day Mac Apple changed the design, but it also faced resistance, so a few beta versions decided to give users the option to go back to the classic design. This has now also happened on iOS: in the Settings area of ​​Safari, users can choose whether the address bar in Safari should continue to display at the bottom or, as before, at the top of the screen, although Some changes in the design in regards to the positioning of the different buttons are still changing to become.

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It remains unclear if Apple will keep this new option until the final version of iOS 15, which will be released to all users in the fall.

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