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Adele: Instagram-Live Surprisingly: she's letting the sound of her new song

Adele: Instagram-Live Surprisingly: she’s letting the sound of her new song

Fans are eagerly awaiting her comeback: British singer Adele, 33, will be returning after a six-year musical hiatus – with “Easy On Me” due out on October 15. In an Instagram Live video that many fans later posted to YouTube, the singer has now hinted at a small snippet of her new work.

The musician did not allow herself to distance herself from the fact that she “may get into trouble,” she explains to her fans. In the fifty seconds or so, a strong Brit can be heard along with the story-like sounds of a piano.

Her followers, including colleague Alicia Keys (40), are excited about the new music and leave many heart emojis in the live chat. When she announced her comeback on October 5, Adele had already posted the sounds of the piano in a short video on Twitter and Instagram, and her voice could not be heard yet.

Special Vogue photography

Adele has already celebrated her comeback with a special photo shoot: the singer is the first person to appear on the cover of American “Vogue” and its British branch at the same time. Adele can be seen on the cover of our November issue. The 2015 Oscar and Grammy winner has released her latest album ’25’. Your new album will be called “30”.

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