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Adidas cancels deal with Kanye West due to anti-Semitism

Adidas cancels deal with Kanye West due to anti-Semitism

Sporting goods group Adidas has ended its partnership with American rapper Kanye West with “immediate effect” and discontinued production of products labeled “Yeezy”.

Adidas gave in one formulations It declared that it “does not condone anti-Semitism or any other form of hate speech.” As a result, “adidas Yeezy’s effective business will be discontinued immediately.” All payments to Ye and his companies will also be suspended.

The company had stated at the beginning of October: “After repeated attempts to clarify the situation outside the public, we have decided to put the partnership to the test.” The rapper has been designing shoes and clothing for Adidas since 2015 under the “Yeezy” brand, but has repeatedly attacked the company publicly.

The West claimed its sanctity in podcasts

Most recently, West explained in a podcast widely shared and commented on on social media: “I can say anti-Semitic things and Adidas can’t give up on me. So what?”

The Central Council of Jews recently asked Adidas to part with the rapper. Central Council Chairman Josef Schuster told the German Liberation Network (RND) that “the West’s daily anti-Semitic perversions (…) were intolerable for Jews in Germany and around the world.”

Neo-Nazis on the West Side

American citizens in the neo-Nazi scene seem drawn to Kanye’s message. Several people protesting with a banner in Los Angeles over the weekend. “Kan was holding talks with the Jews,” read the protest banner.

An artist agency expelling the West

According to numerous media reports, his agency, Creative Artists Agency (CAA), has fired him as well. The agency represents stars such as Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, and Zendaya, as well as athletes such as Heung-Min Son and Seth Curry.

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A MRC documentary about the rapper will also not be followed up. The company gave in one Statement on their website: “I was a producer and music sampler. Last week, he sampled and remixed a classic that’s been on the charts for over 3,000 years – the lie that Jews are evil and plotting to take over the world for their own good to dominate.”

Kim Kardashian distances herself from the West

Kim Kardashian distanced herself from her ex-husband for a while. In a post on Twitter, she emphasized that “hate speech is never acceptable or justified.”