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“Adler” also defeated HC Pustertal and is all set for the playoff!  – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

“Adler” also defeated HC Pustertal and is all set for the playoff! – EC iDM VSV heat pumps

With three goals in the final third, the blue and whites finally won 5: 3 against two visitors from Pustertal. Very strong: Goalie JP Lamoureux, who once again showed his extra class. Adler’s ready for the quarter-finals!

While the blue and whites qualified for the play-off with fourth place after the regular round, the “wolves” from South Tyrol were still in contention for a place in the qualifying round. In order to preserve the chance of a 10th-place finish, a win at Villach was essential. But the Blue and Whites, who had to drop four notches in Simone Despres, Arturs Kolda, Benjamin Lanzinger and Philip Lindner due to injury or illness, naturally had something against him. From the very beginning, a combat-focused and, above all, varied match was developed with opportunities for goals on both sides. Chris Collins had a first chance for the Blue and Whites in the third minute, but Thomas Scholl saved his shot past the visitors with a brilliant job. In the seventh minute, the “Adlers” were twice unlucky – first Jamie Fraser hit the goal post and only a few seconds later Robert Sabulich also failed the metal. But the guests also had good scoring chances – in the 11th minute they were able to celebrate for the first time: Anthony Bardaru gave Postertal a 0-1 lead. But the Filachers fought back – a masterpiece by Chris Collins, who literally danced on Scholl, drawing 1-1 (13). It stayed that way even after the first section.

In the middle third, the blue and whites again took control of the game at the start and created a lot of pressure. Bostertal-Scholl goalkeeper had his hand full to block Villach’s opening goal. In the 28th minute, it was time: goalie Anthony Luciani pushed the ball over the line after a hooligan in front of Scholl to make it 2-1. But just a minute later, the guests immediately responded – Philipp Ahl dumped the puck into Kruzik and equalized 2: 2. But that was not all: in the 34th minute, the guests increased their lead to 2: 3 after a careless defense of Villach. Matthias Mantinger scored the goal. Shortly before the end of the middle half, Dominik Graventhen scored the equalizer with his bat, but was unable to pass the ball past goalkeeper Bostertal Scholl either.

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“Adler” came out of the second half with great energy, pressed a lot and really wanted to force an equaliser. The time came in the 46th minute: Felix Maksa used a brilliant combination through Nick Matinen and Jamie Fraser to equalize 3: 3. However, the guests continued to fight stubbornly, giving everything and creating really good chances for themselves in this diverse match. But JP Lamoureux’s brilliant goal at VSV kept things from getting worse with two incredible saves. But: in the end, the best team won – “Adler” deservedly won with goals 5: 3. It was thanks to the goal of Andrew Desjardins in the 52nd minute, when he pushed the ball over the line after pricking in front of the goal, and Nick Matinen’s goalless goal 33 seconds from the end .

Heat pumps EC iDM VSV – HC Pustertal-Die Wölfe 5:3

Goals: Collins (13min), Luciani (28min), Maxa (45min), Desjardins (52min), Matinen (60min); Bradaro (11 minutes) Ahl (29 minutes) Mantinger (34 minutes)

Images: VSV/Krammer