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Manuel Neuer criticizes himself after Tuchel left Bayern Munich

Manuel Neuer criticizes himself after Tuchel left Bayern Munich

“It always reflects badly on the team and the players. If we can't continue with such a great coach. It's not like in school where the blame always falls on the teacher for the grades. It's our responsibility when the coach is good,” Neuer said after the final whistle. sky.

However, Tuchel was not aware of the decision to end the collaboration after the season. “We want to continue the path professionally until the end. You didn't notice anything about him today in the speech or in the preparation for the match. He did it very professionally and gave us a great attitude. You can see that in the first half as well,” said the Bayern goalkeeper.

However, even Neuer found it difficult to explain that the 50-year-old was Munich's second-biggest failure in a very short period of time. “You have different players than before, where maybe things just happened. Teams change. I think that self-image and self-confidence to put on that shirt, go out on the field and beat teams by a big margin – that's what they had. We haven't had that this season.” “Or in the recent past. We have to go back.”

In general, every player “must have a bad conscience,” Neuer analyzed. “This includes not only the coaching staff, but also us. That's why you always have to watch your nose.”

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