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Admiral Bundesliga 2021/2022: Round 31 "bwin" player is ... - Bundesliga

Admiral Bundesliga 2021/2022: Round 31 “bwin” player is … – Bundesliga

Also this week, fans had the opportunity to vote for the best player of round 31. The eleven players who made it to the role team due to good performances were to choose from. After a 24-hour election, the winner is now certain. Who is the “Bowen” Tour Player?

Round player…

Julian Klaus Wismer (SV Reed)

In Saturday’s Upper Austria derby, Julian Wiesmeyer was still desperate for LASK goalkeeper Alexander Schlager, and in the round 31 “bwin” player election, the 29-year-old German was relegated to the 26-year-old. The Salzburg goalkeeper from Linz, who finished second. Born in Nuremberg, he is a comprehensive founder of the Innviertel. His former coach Andreas Heraf once said that Wießmeier could play any position except for the goalkeeper. In the summer of 2017, the two-footed player from Austria Lustenau came to SV Red, climbed with them in 2020, and at the beginning of April he extended his contract with Infertler until 2024. This season, the all-time favorite of Wikinger has played 28 league games (three goals). Two passes, four yellow cards.

Top 5 in the rating
Julian Klaus Wismer SV RED
Alexander Schlager Lask
Luka Susic Red Bull Salzburg
Luca Loschvili Wolfsberger AC
Kelvin Arras Rapid Vienna

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