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ADMIRAL League Two: Beham's score in GAK's win over Vorwärts Steyr - Football

ADMIRAL League Two: Beham’s score in GAK’s win over Vorwärts Steyr – Football

Graz – Friday, August 27, 2021 at 10:20 pm

At the end of Friday’s matches in Round Six of the ADMIRAL League Two, GAK celebrates a Sovereign 4-0 victory over Vorwärts Steyr.

After just three minutes of play, the Graz team took the lead. Newly signed great striker David Beham (3rd) beats Steyr goalkeeper Thomas Turner after Stangl’s pass from Lukas Jabechler. Then GAK determines the match and takes a penalty kick after 23 minutes of play.

Mamadou Sancar hits Michael Martic with a shot to the arm, and referee Daniel Pfister releases a penalty kick after a short delay. Marco Janchenig (23) takes the lead and scores half way into the right corner. Then the sterones switch to a lower speed and rely on the counterattack. Striker Steyer cannot turn the increased possession of the ball into a goal.

Oliver Philip wasted two good chances in the first half. Shortly before the break, Thomas Fink (45) failed due to Turner. In the second part of the match, Beham has two good chances to score his second goal. First he puts his header (55) right next to the box, then desperately turns to Turner (60th).

In the 65th minute, Michael Martic forgave the biggest opportunity for Steyr’s goal, GAK goalkeeper Christoph Nacht saved with a brilliant header. In the final stage, it becomes clear: Fink plays a superb pass in depth, and Gabechler (83) scored alone against Turner. Two minutes later, Janchenig (85) tied his double to his head after Fink’s corner kick.

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GAK took its third straight win and jumped to third in the table by eleven points. Vorwärts Steyr continues to decorate the lower part of the second tier with a single point.

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