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German Bundesliga Live: Wiener Derby Austria vs Rapid

German Bundesliga Live: Wiener Derby Austria vs Rapid

Signs before the 333rd Vienna Derby between Rapid and Austria on Sunday (5:00 pm in LIVE-tape) shows clearly the extent of scarcity in the recent past in the direction of green eggs.

While Filchin sits last in the table, Rapid finished third and qualified once again for the group stage of the Europa League. However, the heroes of Hütteldorf do not want to talk about a previously obvious favorite role.

“We are now dismantling the old phrase that there is no favourite,” Rapids Sport’s managing director, Zoran Parisic, said on Friday. Rapid is unbeaten in four league games against arch rivals, but only finished one match – 3:1 on September 1, 2019 at General Arena – with three points. “It’s a match we want to win,” coach Dietmar Koebauer said before the next away game in Favoriten. Viennese clubs are currently separated by four points in the table.

“We are looking forward to the match and we hope to get close to the performance we had against Luhansk on Sunday, so the cards are very good,” added the former midfielder. “But I know very well that there will be more energy released, so a very hot game is ahead.”

In terms of game alignment, Rapid won’t particularly go to Austria. “We know what we have to do. That’s the deciding factor,” the 50-year-old said.

Kohbauer praises Schmid

“It wouldn’t be better for us to believe, based on the situation of the table, that we would go in there and have an easy game. I think the team is better than it is at the moment.”

Kühbauer for Austria

Kohbauer praised his coaching counterpart Manfred Schmid in Austria. “Schmidy did one thing right, he took the pressure off the team completely before the season. He already said they had to work hard for two years,” he recalls.

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“But I think the team is good. You can see they’ve played better and better in the last few weeks. It wouldn’t be better for us to believe, based on the situation on the table, that we’re going to go in there and have an easy game. I think the team is better than it is.” right Now “.

In terms of staff, Kohbauer can count almost completely, and remains a shaky candidate due to the shoulder injury of his goalkeeper Richard Streibinger. “It might work,” Kohbauer explained. “But Streby has to give the go.” Substitute Paul Gartler did well against Luhansk.

As far as he could see, there were no other diseases. “It’s possible that the vocal cords were cut. Because it was very noisy, not safe for texts and pretty. And that’s without alcohol,” he joked about the flight back from Ukraine.

Rapid anger at ticket sales in Austria

The derby is something very special for Rapid captain Maximilian Hofmann. “For me it was always the best match to win in your stadium. Every one of us is dying to celebrate victory there with our fans on Sunday.” Last season, local duels in front of almost empty booths were “kind of weird”. This time there could be a stadium full again on Sunday.

The focus is on can. Because there is a problem with the Rapid warehouse because Austria does not sell tickets for free, that is, mainly for green and white fans, but only for subscribers. The point was that Violet wouldn’t fill General Arena with this strategy. It was said from club circles that in order to take into account the advantage, the financially troubled opponent would even accept the economic loss. Quick patrons willing to pay will also look through their fingers.

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In the overall derby record, Rapid leads with 136 wins, Austria 119 wins so far, plus 77 draws. The last two games of the 2020/21 season (1-1 and 0-0) ended without a winner.

Possible lineups between FK Austria Wien and SK Rapid Wien

(Vienna, General Arena, 5 p.m.). 2020/21 season results: 1:1 (a), 0:0 (h)

Austria: Bentz-Tegel, Mohl, Handel, Suttner-Martel-Fischer, Fitz, Dimako-Bechler, Djurisen

Replacement: Kos – Ivkic, Antovski, Braunöder, Grünwald, Jukic, Keles, Ohio

Missing: Martins (adjacent problems)

are quick: Gartler-Stojkovic, Greml, Hoffmann, Ullmann-Petrovic, Ljubicic-Schik, Fontas, Grol-Kara

Replacement: Strebinger / Hedl – K. Wimmer, L. Auer, Grahovac, Schuster, Arase, Knasmüllner, Kitagawa

The Missing: Schöpsberger, Velimirovic, Dupont (all in Rapid 2).

Doubtful: Stringer (shoulder)

Derby total: 332 games – 119 Austria wins, 77 draws, 136 sprint wins – goal difference 528: 617

Championship: 299-101, 74, 124-451: 549

Bundesliga: 177 – 63, 58, 55 – 236: 232

Generali-Arena / Horr-Stadion: 38-14, 17, 8 – 44:37

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