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Adobe announces amazing AI capabilities for 2024

Adobe announces amazing AI capabilities for 2024

It was only a matter of time before Adobe rolled out its AI efforts in Premiere Pro. Firefly-based enhancements have been available for Photoshop image editing since May 2023, and Adobe's video editing software will also follow in 2024.

Generative packaging is also for moving images

Like Adobe in He explained in a press releaseThis year, the video editing software Premiere Pro will get similar artificial intelligence functions that Photoshop has been offering since last May. The video shows the various options that Adobe wants to implement based on its Firefly AI model. Similar to generative padding in Photoshop, it involves expanding the scene or removing or adding objects from the scene. There are also plans to integrate third-party video creation models like Open AI or Runway into the Premiere Pro workflow, for example to create B-rolls. You can also extend the end of the recording by a few seconds using Pika Labs and the “Generative Extend” tool.

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