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The Apple TV app on Android TV no longer allows movie rentals

The Apple TV app on Android TV no longer allows movie rentals

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(Pocket-lint) – Apple has suddenly made it impossible to rent or buy movies through the Apple TV app when used with Android TV devices and Google TV devices like the 2020 Chromecast.

as the first of HD Flat Panels And the 9to5Mac Discover And the Apple has completely removed the option to rent or buy. Instead, there is now a “Watch” button that links to “Apple products or other streaming devices.” The top navigation of the Apple TV app no ​​longer has sections for Movies, TV Shows, or the Store. There are only the Watch Now, Apple TV Plus, and Library sections. Although the movie and TV show listings are still discoverable, opening the title now only shows the How to Watch button next to the Add to Next option.

One has to wonder why Apple is doing this and whether it is trying to exceed Google’s 30 percent sales commission.

It’s important to remember that Apple first rolled out the Apple TV app for select Android TV devices over two years ago, before making it widely available last summer. The company is now making a drastic change by stripping the app of its core functionality entirely. Of course, you can still use the app to watch content from your library and purchased movies and shows on other devices. You can still purchase or rent content through the Apple TV app when you use it on Roku devices, Samsung and LG smartphones, Xbox, PlayStation, and Apple products.

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Pocket-lint has contacted Apple for comment.

Written by Maggie Tillman.