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Adobe brings generative AI to video editing software

Adobe brings generative AI to video editing software

Software company Adobe is improving its video editing software Premiere Pro, which is also used in Hollywood, with artificial intelligence functions.

Among other things, this is supposed to make it easier to add objects to scenes. This could be, for example, someone's tie or a picture on the wall, Adobe explained in the announcement on Monday. The program will automatically make sure that the added object is displayed correctly during scene changes and camera movements. Changes will be made via voice instructions.

It will also be easier to remove objects from scenes – the AI ​​software will then automatically fill in the edited area based on the surroundings. This is useful, for example, if a microphone sticks out in the photo or a coffee cup is left on the table, Adobe director Joe Saccone said, referring to a known error in a scene from the “Game of Thrones” series.

The software should also be able to expand scenes slightly for transitions, for example, by artificially creating additional images. Adobe did not initially provide any information about exactly when the new options would be available this year and what the pricing model would be.

The jobs belong to so-called generative AI, so named because it can generate digital content itself. These can be texts such as chatbot ChatGPT – or images, videos and audio files. Adobe has already introduced AI utilities in its image editing software Photoshop.

In the video space, OpenAI, a developer of ChatGPT, recently made waves with its Sora software, which can create videos based on voice commands. Concern that studios could at least partially replace actors and screenwriters with artificial intelligence applications was one reason behind several months of strikes in Hollywood last year.

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