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Advent VZ|  IKEA Graz and Mosaics: Great Attic Treasures of the Shepherd’s Monastery

Advent VZ| IKEA Graz and Mosaics: Great Attic Treasures of the Shepherd’s Monastery

“This is really an attic in XXL format,” laughs the IKEA Graz team, which consists of the managing director of the furniture store in Graz Gottfried Kienzle and his colleagues Gerhard, Alexander and Benedikt from the recovery department, Karin, Nicole and Teresa from the cash desk and personnel office departments and Tengha from the kitchen department. As part of the VZ Advent calendar, they all spend a slightly different working day at the Mosaik GmbH headquarters in Graz. Here in the old shepherds’ monastery, they took on the task of clearing the huge attic of old furniture. Old shelves, boxes, benches and tables are carefully dismantled, screws and other materials are separated and wooden items are disposed of in a large container located in front of the house. Many treasures, ancient books and a large colorful clown are revealed.

What seems like hard work is also a great joy for the company team. “I’ve tried to participate several times, and this year I was lucky enough to participate internally and be able to participate in today’s commitment day. It’s a completely different work day. “There’s something special about restoring 25-year-old IKEA furniture,” she laughs. Oldest Piece of Furniture Our colleagues found it in the attic today dating back to 2004.

IKEA President Graz Gottfried says his company has been associated with Mosaik for a long time and that proceeds from the annual Christmas party are always donated to the social enterprise. Today, the connection to the nonprofit is noticeably deeper: “It’s great here, a lot of space. A lot of people, especially young people, find space here, including those who can’t find anyone else. On site there’s a special education kindergarten, a home School, day group, therapy center and library. A lot is done every day under the roof of this ancient shepherd’s monastery. It’s also good to know how many clients are actively involved here. “We met Christian, he’s been here since he was 6 years old and works Now in the library.”

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Business manager Oliver Lackner and his colleague Christina, who accompany the IKEA team during their work day, are visibly grateful for the IKEA team’s active commitment: “What many hands can do in one day today, we will not be able to do for a long time. Please come back, no We still have a lot to do.” And it will definitely happen, the call has been made 😊

The project is implemented as part of the Advent calendar of the Show Responsibility Network!, a network of companies and organizations that use concrete actions to promote responsible business and good social cohesion in the country. There are around 100 partner companies in the network, and IKEA Graz and MOSAIK have been actively involved for many years.

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