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Successor wanted – Postpartner in Münchendorf will close at the end of the year

Successor wanted – Postpartner in Münchendorf will close at the end of the year

This is mainly due to digital transformation, which does not stop at the post office and its services and brings a lot of convenience to customers. However, if customers increasingly use Swiss Post’s online services, it will be to the detriment of the postal partners’ business. “I notice it very much,” says Maja Mladenovic, who took over the post office on Kirschenplatz in 2017 and moved to a new building here after completing the mini-shopping center am Triesting Park. “I thought there was more space here, both for the post office itself and for the customers, who also have more parking space here.” Mladenovic outfitted the office itself with a roof and floor, in addition to the post office services it also provides. Here until the end of the year stationery and gifts. “It was clear to me that I couldn’t make a living from postal work itself,” says Mladenovic.

The ice cream shop will also be closed

Everything customers can do digitally at home, such as creating parcel stamps worth up to €510, reduces the postal partner’s profit margin. Parcel postage is also paid online by ordinary customers and businessmen, and the parcels are simply delivered to the postal partner – this does not bring any financial profit to the post office. This is during times of high operating costs. “Energy costs are going up, and combined with rent,” Mladenovic explains, “it’s just not worth it anymore.” The ice cream shop was also run by Maja Mladenovic, which will also close at the end of the year. She wished “that we tenants here in Triestingpark would be more visible. We were promised a column on which all the tenants would be listed. That has not happened yet.” Mladenovic got ice cream from Laxenburg Ice Cream Shop. “The rush of customers was completely different. If it’s too hot, people stay home and don’t go to the ice cream shop,” Mladenovic says of her experiences. The building itself, where the postal partner and the ice cream shop are located, belongs to Ergo Insurance.

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The municipality, together with Mayor Josef Ehrenberger, SPÖ, is currently in intensive discussions with its postal partner neighbor SPAR. “Discussions with SPAR have come a long way,” says Ehrenberger. He regretted that Mladenovic would no longer provide postal services. “If the Spar store continues like this, it will not be a decline for Münchendorf.” He sees the main reason for the closure, as with many other businesses having to close their doors, “in increased rent and increased staff costs.” .