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Zola Jesus

Adventure-filled music at the Vienna Volkstheater at the Desertshore Festival

Zola Jesus, Anika, Blixa Autovermietung, Teho Teardo, Michael Gira (Swans) and many more play the new Desertshore Music and Adventure Festival at Vienna’s Volkstheater on December 3-4.

to Kathryn Seidler

When the home of Cresta Pavign cologne was under the name Nico When she entered into an artistic union with the biggest rock and roll band in the world, she was hardly known as a musician. After the legendary Banana album in artistic symbiosis with The Velvet Underground, Nico of course was unable to continue the success of this super disc, which still has an influence today, as the solo artist of Lunacy or “Afraid” still produces heartbreak memorials to human loneliness in music.

The Wiener Volkstheater now dedicates the two-day festival of the same name to Niko’s solo album “Desertshore”, which was largely celebrated only in expert circles. “Festival of Music and Adventurous Ideas” is the subtitle of the British-German musician Annika A contemporary artist who is instantly on the show, his understated rap and cool pop aesthetic are often mentioned in the same legacy as Nico. With “Change”, Anika released Album of the Year 2021: Hazy, longing, kinky pop that knows about krautrock and dub and holds big secrets.

Songwriting tends to be dark, this is how the program of the first edition of the DesertChur Festival can be summed up. The American Zola Jesus For example, for more than ten years she has been building her own castle of synth-pop and gothic, hiding behind rain clouds and tall trees. from the mirror once “Lady Gaga Couch Potato” Noted, Zola Jesus also likes to embrace the big, big pop gesture in the context of her many albums (most recent: “Arkhon”, 2022, released again by the quality label Sacred Bones). Zola Jesus will perform her new songs exclusively with a local band at the DesertChur Festival.

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The Volksbühne Berlin, for whose music program Desertshore was the curator Christian Morin He was in charge for a long time that would also make a good setting for the softly glowing techno songwriters who are veterans of the new builds Blixa Cash With the Italian composer of the film Teho terdo It consisted of two – and soon three – albums. “Nerissimo,” the name of the musicians’ second album together, says it all: with a prominent use of elegiac strings, the blackest of strings is plucked, bent, and tickled; With his existential considerations, Blixa Geld creeps around the corner like a cat in the text.

with Michael Jera And the Christopher Han On the second day of the festival, two New York emissaries Goddess of Pain Swans will be on the Desertshore set with their individual projects, albeit on stages of different sizes. Folk traditions, revealed only in individual moments in the music of the Swans, are transformed in the solo work of Michael Gera into mild folk and, of course, dark, outdated folk songs.

The Desertshore Festival will take place on December 3 and 4, 2022 at the Volkstheater in Vienna. They are here Exact lineup and all additional information.