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"Perform Like a Pig" - 20 years of Brawl Oasis

“Perform Like a Pig” – 20 years of Brawl Oasis

When hotel manager Ingret Volkhart is out in Great Britain advertising her home at the Bayerischer Hof, she’s often asked about a legendary night 20 years ago: because it was then, on December 1, 2002, that the history of music was written in her luxury hotel in Munich – “because that It was more or less the end of Oasis.” “They behaved like pigs,” Spiegel quoted a police spokesman as saying.

The official police report said more soberly: “English rock band Oasis arrested after fight in Munich”. But the only thing that was sober about this event was the police report. “It was a fierce battle between the oasis and the other group,” Volkhart says in an interview with the German news agency dpa. She was on vacation at the time, she says. But then she looked at the video from the security camera. “I just saw a big pile on camera.” As reported by the police, even a five-kilogram barrier from the hotel was involved.

The brawl broke out in the hotel’s nightclub shortly after 2 am, according to the police report: “During the course of this argument, one of the musicians was pushed and fell onto the table of other guests.” When they tried to “get rid of the uninvited guest”, all of the band members suddenly attacked the group.

The security guards and hotel staff only managed to intercede for a short time – and then she continued in front of the nightclub entrance. The staff called the police. The police report stated, “One of the officers on duty was kicked with full force in the chest by Liam G., Squad Leader, and sustained minor injuries.”

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This is Liam G. Subsequently he was arrested along with two other members of the band – including, but not his brother, Noel J. – and had to spend a night in jail. This is Liam G. Liam Gallagher was no longer a secret soon after the incident, especially considering the fact that the band’s name was promptly released by the police.

Gallagher no longer wanted to talk about that evening today, a spokeswoman for his record company said when asked. But what he had in mind of the evening and the operation of the Munich police, he had previously announced – and accused the officers, among other things, of putting two of his cutters on their consciences.

The band did not appear at trial at that legendary gig later in county court. The musicians were sent home after posting a bail of around 240,000 euros. The case against Gallagher for assault and resisting arrest was later dropped and he was fined €50,000.

But the Germany tour the band was on at the time was cancelled. The concert was cancelled, and a note was read in the Munich Concert Hall at the time. The band became “victims of an attack through no fault of their own”. About a week later, the News of the World reported that Liam Gallagher had new teeth. They are said to have cost him £20,000 at the time.

“I think the quarrel at the Bayerischer Hof marks the beginning of the end is a bold thesis,” says music journalist Ernst Hoffecker, a British music insider who recently published two books on “common misconceptions and other facts” about the Beatles and released The Rolling Stones. Things like that could happen at any time with energetic musicians like Oasis, and ultimately other factors were more responsible for the band’s breakup. Big hits from the “Wonderwall” format didn’t come, the Britpop hype was long gone, and controversy between Noel William.

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However, the evening at the Bayerischer Hof was a turning point for what may be the most famous British band since the Beatles: “After this incident there was a break in broadcasting, and it took three years until the next and sixth in total” Oasis album “Don’t Believe the Truth” was released “,” Hofaker says. Although this album and the last album, Dig Out Your Soul, released in 2008, were very successful, one could say Oasis’ time was mainly in the public’s perception.”

Since 2009, fans have been waiting for Liam and Noel to pull themselves together again and relive the wonderful Oasis times. They certainly had a place to stay in Munich: “They weren’t the only ones to blame,” says hotel manager Volkhart. “Of course we will take it again.”