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Afghanistan: Interior Ministry sticks to deportations

Afghanistan: Interior Ministry sticks to deportations

Head of the Red Cross Gerald Creator He called on the Austrian government to follow the example of other European Union countries and end the deportations to Afghanistan. Schopfer said on Friday in S1– “Morning Journal”.

He noted that Austria has signed various agreements to protect human rights when the weather is good. “I would like to see politicians walking upright. Those who comply with the rule of law and the commitments Austria made in good times, even in unpopular times,” demanded Schopfer in the direction of the ÖVP. In Afghanistan, with the advance of the Islamic Taliban movement, there is a “cruel situation where it would not be humane to send people.”

Amespower: The Hammer’s “Acid Test”

FPÖ . Security Spokesperson Hannes Amesbauer He described the controversy surrounding the ban on deportation to Afghanistan as an “acid test” for Nehmer. Amesbauer said on a radio show that this discussion is a completely wrong signal and is also fueling the wave of immigration heading towards us. Security in Austria should be a top priority and Afghans stand out negatively in crime statistics, said the FPÖ security spokesman.

At the beginning of the month, Austria wrote to the European Commission from Interior Minister Nahamer and the interior ministers of Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Greece and the Netherlands that Afghans would be deported to their countries of origin. In light of the fierce fighting and the unstoppable advance of the radical Islamic Taliban movement in Afghanistan, Germany, the Netherlands and Denmark have already called and suspended further deportations.

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Greece: ‘Tough and fair asylum system’

The Greek government has stuck to its position, at least for the time being: the Migration Minister Note Mitarashi He last said on Wednesday, according to Reuters news agency, that the EU would not be able to deal with a repeat of the 2015 refugee crisis. Stopping deportations to Afghanistan “sends the wrong message.”

On Friday evening, in response to the APA’s request, the Greek Ministry of Migration confirmed the situation: “Greece has a strict but fair immigration system. We do not want to be a gateway to the European Union, especially since we limit the number of safe countries outside the European Union whose eligibility has been verified. Those who are will be sent back. They have no right to be here legally.”

According to media reports issued on Friday, Belgium does not want to officially stop deportations to Afghanistan either, but is therefore in the process of reconsidering its position.