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Afghanistan: “Open and professional” meeting with the Taliban, according to the United States

The first meeting of top US and Taliban representatives in Afghanistan since taking power is said to have been a success. The US State Department has said that they will be judged not only by the Taliban’s words but also by their actions.

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Kabul – The United States has said the first private meeting between top US and Taliban representatives since the radical Islamist group came to power in Afghanistan was “open and professional.” During the talks in Doha, the U.S. delegation focused on security and terrorism issues, the safe departure of U.S. citizens, other foreigners and Afghans, and human rights compliance.

The U.S. State Department added that the meaningful participation of women and girls in all aspects of Afghan society was addressed. However, the US side reiterated that the Taliban would be determined not only by their words but also by their actions. The ministry said the two sides also discussed providing comprehensive humanitarian assistance.

The United States withdrew from Afghanistan in August after two decades under an agreement with the Islamists. The country is facing supply and economic crisis. (APA / Reuters)

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