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Ski duos without a vaccine are allowed to race in the United States

Swiss ski duo Urs Kryenbühl & Ralph Weber have not yet been vaccinated. They won’t start in Canada, but there is a “back door” to the United States.

Crazy story at the Swiss Sky Circus! Urs Kryenbühl and Ralph Weber are considered unvaccinated. Only vaccinated athletes are generally allowed to enter the Sky World Cup in Canada and the United States. Both have to go to Canada. Sky Aces have come up with an interesting program for racing in the United States and Beaver Creek.

To compete in the two Super-G and downhill runs that take place in the first week of December, you must arrive by November 8th on a special invitation from the Americans. It does not require vaccination. From November 8 you can only enter the United States with a double vaccine. “We received a special invitation from the Americans a few months before the border was opened. However, this call is no longer valid from November 8,” explains Tom Schaefer, Swiss Sky Men’s Manager.

Emergency training program

An emergency training program has already been considered. Since the Swiss will only receive the slope for skiing training on Cooper Mountain from November 21, the two will head south to narrow the gap on the evening of November 7 after landing in Sunny Los Angeles. “Let’s take the train from the airport in LA to San Diego, where there are some cheap outdoor training areas where unvaccinated athletes can access,” explains Crinbull.

A “back door” will definitely cause a lot of excitement …

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