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Africa presses Europe: how should Italy with its many …

Italy, and with it Europe, is facing a remarkable year in terms of refugee movements. Small fishing boats from Africa try to reach Europe almost every day. Georgia Meloni’s right-wing government is facing its first crisis. How will you control the situation?

Italy is currently experiencing a new wave of emigration. The number of arrivals of asylum seekers has doubled in a short period of time. Rome declared a state of emergency due to the record number of refugees from North Africa. Georgia Meloni’s right-wing government is facing its first crisis. A crisis affecting, of course, the whole of Europe. What led to the Great Migration and what does Giorgia Meloni want to achieve with this emergency?

a guest: Susanna Pastaroli
Hosting: Eva Weinreuther
Cuts: Audi Channel / Aaron Ulsacher
credits: ZDF

>>> Italy is in a state of emergency

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