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After a cake fight: "Love Island" - Yannick angrily next to himself

After a cake fight: “Love Island” – Yannick angrily next to himself

Yannick It had to be taken! looking for love love island It turned out to be very difficult for a light rail driver. Because a muscular guy can’t choose between all the sexy single ladies. He was already interested in the grenade Angelina. But when I rejected him, he did Francesca Beautiful eyes again – even though it was her before Basket I have given. This back and forth is obviously annoying Not only the audience, but also the islanders themselves. Jannick must feel it in a match!

Individuals were allowed to throw cream cakes again – beautifully against the other candidates. However, it is not a pleasant gesture, because the dessert is offered by those who have sinned often. In this case Jank was: So he took three cakes scattered on his face, which are from Andrina (28), Franzi and Jennifer. The latter explained her decision as follows: “We both know what it’s like when feelings mingle. I didn’t think your move with Franzi was so cool,” hitting him in the face with the cream of the crop.

Jannick, it seems, was not able to understand it at all – he was writhing in anger: ‘It was really inappropriate’angry said. Also DJane jess She didn’t miss the fact that he didn’t like the game at all: “I just saw in your eyes that you got really bad. It was sick,” she confirmed in an interview with Jannik.

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