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Marcus Lanz (on ZDF): Heidenreich with angry speech - 'outrageous' Sodder, Green spokeswoman 'can't speak'

Marcus Lanz (on ZDF): Heidenreich with angry speech – ‘outrageous’ Sodder, Green spokeswoman ‘can’t speak’

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When she appeared on ZDF’s “Markus Lanz,” writer Elke Heidenreich made a good deal. Especially against Sarah Lee Heinrich and Marcus Soder.

BERLIN – On Tuesday evening, Marcus Lanz began work at ZDF. Own a talk show host vegetablesPolitician Jürgen Tritten, CDU Berlin State President Kai Wegener and Austrian journalist Florian Klink were invited to the show to discuss current topics and the Enrichment. Despite the experienced guests, one woman in particular was always the focus of discussion: the writer Elke Heidenreich.

The 78-year-old used her Lanz appearance to launch an all-out verbal attack against the German political party scene and to position herself openly in various social debates. Heidenreich commented on the Sarah-Lee Heinrich case in particularly clear words. The 20-year-old Green Youth spokeswoman created quite a stir after being elected after posting several tweets by Heinrich between the ages of 13 and 14. Among other things, she posted the song “Heil” in a tweet with a swastika.

Marcus Lanz (ZDF): Heidenreich raises his hand against Sarah Lee Heinrich – ‘I can’t speak at all’

“She has no language at all, and she cannot speak at all. Again, these are children who do not read. This is this generation, which I have repeatedly noticed how silent they are, and how incapable of dealing with words,” the writer offers her comment on the person of Heinrich. “I have a feeling this is a girl who doesn’t think enough. She is the spokeswoman for Green Youth, but she can’t speak at all. You must first learn the wording. And that makes me skeptical. If I say first, the main thing is diversity, the main thing is immigration background.” , the main thing is the stake. That’s the wrong way,” Judge Heidenreich, who seems to see only a stake in Heinrich’s election.

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Heidenreich at Markus Lanz (ZDF): Compromise with the Federation – ‘Philip Amthor – Is this your new youth?

Heidenreich also finds the same intelligible words about the union, to which he makes a stern statement. The basic program of CDU Obviously – that’s how I see it as an outside observer – just maintaining power. I don’t see any programs at all anymore, and I don’t even see where they are going. This means maintaining power and you, Mr. Wegener, are talking about modern conservatism. What should it be? Be conservative, that’s fine. What kind of obsession with updating is so suddenly? ”

The same old minds like Norbert Röttgen or Friedrich Merz are always supposed to drive the modernization of the party. “Philip Amthor – Is this your new youth? I can’t understand what is really going on at this party at the moment. Philip Amthor is already older than me and I’m 80. Well, that doesn’t exist. Where are the guys? Where are the women?” The writer sharply shot at Christian Democrats.

Heidenreich slams Sodder: ‘This outrageous man who acted so insidiously’

as well Marcus Soder, which the 78-year-old considers the main problem within the union parties, Heidenreich finds clear words. If half of the party said they would prefer to appoint a Sodder chancellor. This nefarious person who has acted cunningly so far. How can the party continue to hold on to that? How do you want to get a foothold again while such people are still in power and when it is not stopped? “It’s full of intrigue and spite,” Heidenreich said of the CSU president.

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At the end of the program, the writer again took the opportunity to speak publicly about the gender issue. “Gender is completely meaningless to me,” Heidenreich says, then speaks again angrily: “Jeez, everyone totally wants to be factored in and included in every sentence. One-legged Chinese is deaf and dumb of immigrant background. What next?” I want us to go back to some kind of normal life,” the 78-year-old exasperates.

Markus Lanz (ZDF): Mixed reactions to Heidenreich’s all-out strike

Statements that get mixed reactions on social networks. “Oh Elke Heidenreich. I’m still subtle, smart and playful,” one user commented on Twitter about the 78-year-old’s appearance. “Elke Heidenreich is apparently the oldest white man I know,” another user jokes about the writer’s conservative remarks. “The problem isn’t Sarah Lee Heinrich (Excellent) Language. The problem is that people like Elke Heidenreich simply can’t listen, ‘This is another user judgment about Heidenreich’s appearance in Lanz.

The writer attracted everyone with her appearance. On Wednesday morning, the hashtag #ElkeHeidenreich was ranked number one among Twitter trends across Germany. (fd)