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After Abortion Law in US: TikTok Trend Goes Viral

After Abortion Law in US: TikTok Trend Goes Viral

After the US Supreme Court ruling on abortion, comprehensive bans on abortion are becoming a reality in many states. Under #wegodowntogether, women around the world are now committed to each other.

An appeals court on Tuesday, citing a Supreme Court ruling, allowed Tennessee to pass a law banning abortions once a heartbeat is detected. An even tougher ban that would make abortions almost impossible is due to come into force in July. Tempers are heating up in America. But now the trend of girls standing up for girls on TikTok is going viral.

TikTok users around the world are offering their homes to women seeking refuge from abortion. However, some states do not allow such an offer, so users of the clips use terms such as “camping”, “vacation” or “meeting a friend”. The hashtag #wegodowntogether used for this has already been clicked more than 20 million times and thousands of videos can already be found on TikTok. The girls stand up to each other. This is more important than ever in times like these.

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