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Karlsruhe LGR athlete Kessler is running at the World Championships in the US

In the last meter

Christoph Kessler has long had a European Championship ticket in his pocket for August’s games in Munich. Now comes the next good news for Karlsruhe’s middle stretcher of the Athletic Region (LGR).

Christoph Kessler of LGR Karlsruhe competes in the title fight at the World Championships in Eugene, Oregon, USA.

Photo: Helge Prang/GES

Christoph Kessler from the LG region is still nominated for the World Athletics Championships.

As the middle-stretcher 27-year-old admits, the title fights in Eugene, Oregon (July 15 to 24) have “already not been written off”.

Because even after a real thriller to win the title over 1,500 meters at the German Championships in Berlin, Kessler was 48th behind the World Cup cut (top 45).

The athlete from Karlsruhe is also participating in the European Championships

A small window opened on Wednesday when it was hinted that the three French players ahead of him would not be nominated by their national association. So Kessler was finally relegated to 45th place.

“Then on Thursday I got the call from the national coach,” reports Kessler, who can look forward to the most successful year of his career so far. After all, he already had a ticket to the European Championships in Munich in August over 800m in his pocket.

The LGR teammate from Karlsruhe has set a new Baden record

Meanwhile, LGR’s Amelie Svensson can look to return to the European Championships after finishing second in the 3,000m steeplechase in Oslo on Thursday in 9:57.97.

The Swede, who studies in Karlsruhe, set a new personal best as well as a new Baden record.

For Kessler, whose home club is SSV Edlingen, things are moving quickly: on July 9 he flies to America, where he prepares for an imminent match in Santa Barbara. On the second day of the World Cup, the pre-run is already on the agenda.

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