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After Aline Daniot returned to Linz, expectations rose in Zagreb

Lienz – The Swiss Ski Ladies showed a very compact and good result for the team in today’s slalom slalom in Lienz. Michel Gesin came third with Slovakia’s victory over Petra Valhova and behind Austrian Katharina Linsberger. Above all, the final race in the first round was first class. The second round was a bit flawed, but it was still enough to jump the podium.

Camille Rast, despite hurting her thumb, was able to persuade again. With the tape on the stick handle, I knew how to do it between the narrow gates. Seventh place opens the appetite for more. Wendy Holdner, who missed points in the giant slalom, was a bit hesitant on today’s goal rally in the final section. Regardless, she could be satisfied with a fifth. The gap of four tenths of a second to the platform is not that large.

Melanie Millard can’t be happy. In her fourth slalom in the 2021/02 Olympic winter, she again failed to score. She was eliminated in the first round. Elena Stoffel, who recently performed well in the European Cup with four results in the top ten, could not continue the positive race in East Tyrol. After finishing 25th at Killington and a handful of World Cup counters, she was 38th in the first half with no points.

Aline Daniot had reason to be happy. Two years after her cruciate ligament rupture, she celebrated her comeback. I started snowboarding eight weeks ago. It became emotional when tears rolled down her cheeks in an interview with colleagues from Swiss TV. Final qualification, along with a 27th place finish, indirectly looks like a victory. Now you want to take the next step towards a successful future on Zagreb Bear Mountain, with a good result.

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