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After chess: allegations of cheating shake the world of hunters

Recently, headlines have been made about allegations of cheating in international professional chess around the world. Now allegations of sports hunting are shaken. As the American media wrote, there was a scandal at a competition in Cleveland over the weekend: when measuring the heaviest catch, weights were found in the fish.

According to the New York Times, the director of the Lake Erie Wally Trail competition discovered the attempted deception: Jason Fisher suspected after the supposed winning fish was much heavier than he thought as an experienced fisherman. Fisher searched Zander and felt a hard body in his stomach. “It’s not as if fish are eating rocks,” he was quoted as saying.

Cut the fish and discover the cheat. “We have weights in the fish!” He announced while catching a ball the size of a chicken egg. As a result, contestants Chase Kominsky and Jake Runyan, who introduced the juggled fish into the contest, were largely driven out of anger and screams. Had the bullets not been spotted, Runyan and Kominsky would have taken first place, taking home a prize of about $30,000.

recovery possible

The scandal also cast a shadow over their previous victories. They have placed first, along with prize money, in each of the three previous Lake Erie Walleye Trail events this year. Expert Ross Robertson told the newspaper that competitive fishing scams are becoming more common and different methods are being used. “You have to remember that an ounce can mean tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars in some of these tournaments,” he said. Putting weights in fish is a primitive and “dirty” way to cheat.

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Fischer referred the matter to the local authorities. It remains to be clarified whether the prize money can be redeemed.