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Hong Kong: Beijing wants floor plans for consulates

The Financial Times (“Financial Times”) reported that China is demanding floor plans and floor plans for all foreign missions chartering in Hong Kong. Diplomats see in him the newspaper’s paranoia with Beijing. According to the Financial Times, the government believes other countries are interfering in Hong Kong’s political situation.

Apparently, the State Department has already asked diplomats to provide a number of details about the official residences of foreign missions and employees’ apartments in the past few months, according to informed sources to the newspaper.

Afraid to install listening devices

With this order, the handling of foreign representation in Hong Kong has now been adapted to China. There are concerns in Hong Kong’s diplomatic circles that information about floor plans could be used by China to install bugging devices, according to insiders to the Financial Times.

Suppression of the pro-democracy movement

China has long claimed that foreign powers, particularly the United States, have been involved in the pro-democracy protests that have been taking place in Hong Kong for some time. Since Beijing enacted the “Security Law” in 2020, the Special Administrative Region has been subject to a tough crackdown on pro-democracy activists and other voices critical of Beijing. Authorities also use British colonial law against “riots”.

Many activists are now in prison, awaiting trial or have fled abroad. In addition, many media outlets critical of Beijing were forced to close after the authorities cracked down on them with raids, arrests and indictments, including the tabloid Apple Daily last year.