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After church scandals: Pope Francis rebuilt his diocese

After church scandals: Pope Francis rebuilt his diocese

New laws

After conversion, the pope must participate in all important pastoral, administrative and economic decisions. His representative, called the Cardinal Vicar of Rome, may not take any important initiative or initiative beyond the ordinary administration without first informing him.

Pastoral directives and the diocesan budget are also subject to the approval of the Pope. He must also approve the selection of pastors and new candidates for ordination. Their selection is subject to new rules, for example regarding spiritual, psychological, intellectual and pastoral qualities.

At the same time, the Pope established a financial supervisory body that had to report to the Pope once a year. He also created an office for the “protection of minors and vulnerable persons”.

newly occupied

As before in the Vatican, the Pope now limits executives’ terms of office to five years with the possibility of a one-time extension. But this does not apply to the Cardinal, his Vicariate, and the Auxiliary Bishops. As before, the pope decides for them.

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