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Biden: New measures against illegal immigration

Biden: New measures against illegal immigration

US President Joe Biden announced new measures to reduce illegal immigration to the United States. Biden said at the White House yesterday that his administration will allow more immigrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Haiti and Nicaragua to enter the United States legally if they meet certain conditions. US Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas explained that there are 30,000 immigrants every month.

Guarantor required

In contrast, Biden said that 30,000 people who entered illegally from these countries should be deported to Mexico every month. Under the newly announced rules, people who have a sponsor in the United States and pass appropriate background checks must be able to apply for an entry permit online and enter the United States regularly, where they are then allowed to live and work for two years, Biden said.

He said such a program for migrants from Venezuela has greatly reduced the number of people from the country illegally crossing the border in recent months.

Biden travels to the border for the first time

At the same time, Biden confirmed that he will visit the southern border with Mexico for the first time in his term on Sunday. The situation is particularly tense at the moment. In December, senior government officials said an average of 8,000 people crossed the US southern border each day. The government hopes that the implementation of the new measures will lead to a significant decrease in illegal immigration.

Political dispute over immigration

Biden, a Democrat, has repeatedly come under fire from Republicans over a surge in immigrants. For his part, Biden accused the Republicans in Congress of obstructing a package of reforms on immigration policy that he had presented at the beginning of his term.

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