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After FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago: Trump charges?  – Politics

After FBI raid at Mar-a-Lago: Trump charges? – Politics

Donald Trump has had problems with the judiciary throughout his life. There are many more ongoing investigations against the former president of the United States — not just the documents he took from the White House after his term ended. If one tries to find a pattern in these practices, it is striking that the man who wrote “Make America Great Again” on his red baseball cap could have done some damage to America as president.

It started when he took office in January 2017. In Washington, investigations are underway against inauguration organizers, the Trump International Hotel in Washington, and the Trump Organization over overbilling. Rooms in the hotel are said to have been rented out for the inauguration. So, even before he became president, Trump may have already funneled taxpayer money into his own company’s pockets.

Two investigations in New York focus on whether Trump may have deliberately tried to defraud the government: Prosecutors in Manhattan and the state government have been investigating for years suspicions that Trump may have intentionally misrepresented the value of his real estate. To protect his tax returns, tax evasion and debts. Trump denies the allegations are politically motivated, and at this point it doesn’t appear they will lead to charges. Two key investigators resigned in February, and Acting Attorney General Alvin Bragg reportedly scaled back the investigations. However, according to the State Attorney’s Office, the investigation is not over.

Reports from former White House staff incriminate the president

In the state of Georgia, on the other hand, Trump is not only about money, but about election fraud — a charge the former president likes to level at his opponents. On January 2, 2021, he allegedly called Georgia Secretary of the Interior Brad Raffensberger to “find” missing votes for Trump’s electoral victory. There is an audio recording of the conversation, and a specially appointed jury is currently examining the evidence. It’s not yet clear if any charges are pending. Investigations are also underway into the defamation suit of a journalist and the embezzlement of funds donated to Trump by supporters for lawsuits against the presidential election results.

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However, the investigations into the attack on the Capitol on January 6, 2021 are attracting much attention. The question is whether Trump was partially responsible for the attack — and whether he was even planning a conspiracy. Statements from his former chief of staff Cassidy Hutchinson and other witnesses incriminate Trump: He knew his supporters were armed; There were links to far-right militants and Trump did nothing during the attack to stop it. However, the investigative panel cannot indict Trump; That is the job of the public prosecutor. They are also investigating the matter.